Gentle exercise at Breathe Easy classes

Breath Easy is a weekly exercise session for people suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

I went along to the Parochial Hall in Middleton and spoke to three regulars: Kathleen, Val and Tony.

“We come to improve our breathing techniques” explains Tony. “When you’ve got COPD what you tend to do when you’re out of breath is not do anything, but that’s the worst thing you can do. So a bit of exercise tends to improve your breathing.”

As well as the gentle exercise led by Julie Gill, once a month someone comes from the British Lung Foundation to talk to the group about health issues.

“Because we’re all in a similar position we don’t tend to take the mickey out of each other and Julie is fantastic at encouraging you keep going, there’s no pressure. We all get along with each other and encourage each other” says Val.

“I’ve only been coming a few weeks” Kathleen tells me. “I went to the nurse for my breathing test and she gave me a leaflet. I live on my own and I do get fed up. I do see my grandchildren so I need to get fit for them. Everyone was very welcoming when I came.”

The group meets every Friday at 11:30am. For more information ring Julie Gill on (0113) 270 4947.


3 Replies to “Gentle exercise at Breathe Easy classes”

  1. Hi First let me say what a great teacher Juilie is.
    She used to run a group at the Barnabas church community centre on Bele Isle road on Wednesdays at 6pm.. This stoped in July 2018 when Health for all moved out.
    Last week i was on your site and saw an advert for an exercise class with Julies email and a phone number saying that the class was starting on 12 September. I was really pleased to see it back on only to find out this is not so. The phone number suppleid did not work and julie said it was not her. I drove all round Belle Isle looking for the Belle Isle Community centre but did not find it. Even two police officers I asked did not know where this place was. Could you explain your advert and where is this class you advertised???

  2. Hi again. Just noticed that the phone number on this artical is the same one given on the Wednesday exercise class advert and it does not work. A voice comes on to say ‘youve dialed an incorrecrt number’…
    0113 2704947 does not work.

    1. Hi Vicky, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please accept our apologies for the incorrect information which we have now corrected.

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