Fencing ordered to stop anti-social drivers in Hunslet Carr

Work to reduce the impact of nuisance vehicle movements over footpaths near Hunslet Carr Primary School has been approved following a request by residents made to Cllrs Paul Wray and Mohammed Iqbal (Labour, Hunslet and Riverside).

Residents had raised the alarm that cars, vans and quad bikes were using the paved areas in between Hunslet Carr Primary School and Sandon Mount to access Woodhouse Hill Road via Sandon Mount. This follows on from similar issues taking place on the footpath in between the school and Leasowe Avenue, which was also being used as a shortcut – putting children and older residents at risk.

Both sites will now have fencing ordered to close off these access points, with bollards or setback chicanes installed to stop larger vehicles passing through and to force quad and motor bike user to dismount to pass. However, these will not stop the passage of mobility scooters, wheelchair users and prams from passing though.

Cllr Paul Wray said:

“It is disappointing we are needing to spend this money to stop the poor behaviour of a few, but the safety of residents comes first. But these simple steps will significantly increase the safety of residents around the school. This was a priority of residents and parents, and so it is a priority for us to prevent these issues.”

The works to install the fencing should take place within 6-12 weeks, subject to supplier delays.


This post is based on a press release issued by Cllr Paul Wray


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3 Replies to “Fencing ordered to stop anti-social drivers in Hunslet Carr”

  1. Thank goodness something is going to be done to stop this antisocial driving it’s terrible that drivers think they can act in this way

  2. About time, I am a parent who drives child to school and I have complained about antisocial behaviour. This area is notorious for speeders even though its a deadend, dog muck continuously, as soon as it cleaned up its back. School tall parents but nothing changed, need cctv for a suprise amount of time to catch culprits. Its amazing how such a quiet area can become so dangerous for reaidents and the children of the school. If you confront them they threaten to get out their cars and shout and spit out the windows. These are grown ups and some are probably parents of children in the school too as well as friends to a neighbour on the street.

  3. While your at it can you find out why the bus num 74 hardly ever turns up.This bus is used mainly by pensioners,the route takes it through 3 elderly people’s housing estates SO WHY.

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