Elland Road park and ride scheme to be debated by Leeds council

Leeds City Council is continuing with plans to develop park and ride schemes across the city as part of its strategy to tackle congestion in the city centre.

A report to the council’s executive board next Wednesday says a site adjacent to Elland Road stadium in Beeston could accommodate up to 1,000 cars and be in place by 2013 at a cost of £2 million. Read the full report here.

The council says the park and ride schemes are essential  to cope with increased commuter traffic generated by new developments which are expected to open as Leeds recovers from the recession. It says the number of jobs in the city centre is predicted to rise by up to 23,000 by 2026, generating an estimated 10,000 additional peak-time morning and evening commuting trips.

The report identifies two sites  – one  at Elland Road and the other within the Aire Valley – as suitable for short term park and ride development.

The report suggests that, while new park and ride sites can cost between £5m and £10m to develop, a lower cost scheme could be developed on existing car parks adjacent to the Elland Road stadium. A park and ride scheme for 500-1,000 cars could be delivered there for around £2m in 2013.  It is thought this could be self-financing within five years.

Senior councillors on the executive board are recommended to:

“Endorse the continued development of the park and ride strategy and proposals currently being progressed including further feasibility work for the Elland Road site moving towards the selection of a partner for the operation of a service.”

A further site next to the East Leeds Link could also be developed in the short term which would also provide an attractive bus service enabling employees to reach the proposed developments in the Aire Valley Leeds Enterprise Zone. This site could accommodate between 600 and 1,000 cars.
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Cllr Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council’s executive board member for development and economy, said:

“Park and ride schemes are a key part of our local transport strategy reducing congestion in the city and improving journey times for travellers.  The ability to move quickly and easily across the city is essential for the city’s economy. Good transport  encourages commuters,  residents and visitors to come in to the city centre for  work, shopping and leisure.
“That’s why it is important that we consider carefully where the  park and ride sites  should be developed so that people can make the most of the facilities in the future.”