So just why IS Holbeck Cemetery in Beeston Hill?

Gnarled trees in Holbeck Cemetery. Photo by Alison Neale

People often wonder why Holbeck Cemetery is on Beeston Hill – and the folks at the excellent Holbeck in Bloom group have been doing some research into the issue.

They’ve discovered some snippets from the old Leeds Intelligencer newspaper from 1854-55 which might give some light to the problem.

The Intelligencer reports:

“Sub committee appointed on  21st December 1854 to select a suitable piece of ground for a Municipal cemetery for the township of Holbeck . Nine different plots considered. Now down to two; that of the late  George Banks , or the Brothers Croisdale. George Banks’ land is  11 acres, 2 roods, 31 perches and 3 cottages, land at Cad Beeston Hill situated on the west side of Old Beeston Road. Brothers Croisdale land  is 10 acres at Cad Beeston Hill,minerals undisturbed with the exception of 1 rood whose clay has been got. Trial holes of the strata and the expense dictated that George Banks’ land was selected.”

Check out the Friends of Holbeck Cemetery’s new blog for the full story.