Diesel replaces steam at Middleton Railway

In view of the continuing hot weather, the Middleton Railway has taken the decision to cease operating steam locomotives at weekends until the weather cools or it rains.

Middleton Railway Trust Chairman, Charles Milner, explained:

“The railway recognises that it is part of the community and that to run steam locomotives in this hot weather could possibly cause grass fires, which would not only require the attendance of the emergency services but would also ruin the local parkland for some time to come.

“As responsible members of the community, we have taken the decision to use our diesel locomotives on the regular trains to ensure we do not cause inconvenience to others and damage to our beautiful parkland.  We will resume steam locomotive operation once the weather cools down and we have had some rain.”

Saturday trains are already diesel hauled, so the decision only affect Sunday train services.

Trains run every Saturday and Sunday between 11am-4pm from Moor Road station in Hunslet to Park Halt in Middleton Park. Find full details on the Middleton Railway website: middletonrailway.org.uk