Diary of a Blogger

I was asked by Alison (the manager at Acre Court were I now live) whether I could do a diary for the court managers, Housing & Care 21, of the time I moved into Acre Court and why I decided to move there.

Me at computer, blogging

I thought it was a good idea to also put my diary onto this blog for all to see.

About 6 months ago I decided I would look at accommodation more suitable to my ongoing health needs. I’ve suffered with Dementia for about 4 years.

Over the last couple of years I’ve also had tests for Cancer. Thankfully the biopsies came back OK.

I had been living in sheltered accommodation in Belle Isle, looked after by Belle Isle TMO for about 6 years. I spent a lot of time getting to know new friends in Belle Isle, and continue to visit old friends in the area.

Also while in Belle Isle, I did quite a lot of volunteer work for BITMO’s GATE, such as hosting a walking group and setting up a News Café for South Leeds Life blog and newspaper. I also joined Julie’s family research group and Belle Isle History group, again hosted by Julie. It’s surprising want you find out when you go back in time.

Me outside Acre Court

I now move on to Acre Court in Middleton. I looked at the complex and also Middleton Park Court online.

The Middleton Park Court was run by the council and you had to bid for a property.

So opted to contact Alison at Acre Court and made arrangement to have a look round any flats that were available.

I looked at a flat which was still occupied. Then Alison, (manager) showed me around the Court, such as the laundry room, communal lounge and gardens, computer room and library.

I was quite impressed by the set up and a couple of my friends who were already resident here came to say hello.

As I said earlier I needed to be somewhere, where I could get help when needed if my health issues got worse. The court has a 24 hours emergency pull cord system. Also if I had to give up driving my car, everything was within walking distance such as shops, the doctor and dentist.

I left, telling Alison if a flat became available to phone me, and let me know. Next day a got a message that a flat was to become available in about a week. I arranged to have a look at the flat and said immediately, I want it if it’s available. It was, and I moved in within two weeks.

Acre Court Macmillan coffee morning

After moving in, I spent some time speaking to residents.

One day I saw a lady (Mildred) coming down in the lift. Mildred said would you like to come down to the lounge and have a drink with her, Sheila and Erene.

So I did just that, went up to my flat and came back down with couple of cans of beer.



One evening I also met Tony and Carol in the lounge, they are a nice couple as well as the other ladies. Recently a new lady (Babs) has started to come down to the residents lounge for a chat and drinks.

I try and get down to the lounge once a week, after Bingo and have a chat and drink. It’s one way of getting to know people.
There is also other activities going on at the court on a weekly basis, such as coffee mornings and Fish and Chips on a Friday.

The court is going under refurbishment at the moment. New lighting, furnishing and décor. I voted for a pool table on the second floor, having been a pool team player myself I hoped this might get passed by Care21.

Residents Lounge

We were not successful, a shame as I could have started up a pool team. I was told there had been a pool table in the lounge at some time.

I have also made myself known to Sam (manager) at Middleton Elderly Aid (just across Middle Park Avenue from the court) and started up a walking group with them. The first one was yesterday (14 March 2018) and they will be on the second and last Wednesday in every month, 11.30am-12.30pm.

I recently passed a first aid course, with Leanne from Middleton Elderly Aid, which hopefully makes the walking group feel more secure and safe. So thank you Sam, for getting us both on the course.

Also Peter, me and Alex are to run a Dementia café on the last Friday in the month 1.30-3pm. People with memory problems and their carers are welcome to come along. Or anyone feeling isolated come along and have a chat, over drinks and biscuits. You will be most welcome.

Kenneth Ingram ( Acre court) resident.


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