Dentist Ian Marker retires

Mr Ian Marker, the Senior Partner at Marker and Associates, who joined an established Dental Practice on Dewsbury Road has retired.

The Dental Surgery on Dewsbury Road

Mr Marker who qualified from Leeds Dental School in 1982 joined Mr. Baggaley as a partner in 1990 at 220 Dewsbury Road, Beeston.. In 1995 he developed the practice into a 3 dentist practice with a hygienist and in 1996 expanded the practice into the adjacent building to provide more facilities to patients and staff.

Mr Marker became a Vocational Training trainer to newly qualified dentists, who have gone on to achieve further qualifications and many have become specialists in their own right. Mr. Marker was also appointed as a Tutor in the Department of Oral Surgery training undergraduates at the Leeds Dental Hospital, a post he intends to continue.

Sadly Beeston has lost an excellent dentist. We wish him a happy Retirement.


This post was written by Raj Menon using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.


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