Cygnets rescued from Middleton Park lake

A family of swans have been the star attraction for many people visiting Middleton Park this spring, but this week two of the cygnets have had to be taken to the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital in separate incidents.

A pair of swans first nested at the lake in Middleton Park last year. This year they returned and have raised a brood of eight cygnets, the first to be seen in Middleton for many years.

On Saturday (6 June 2020) a cygnet who was being attacked by his parents was rescued and driven the Swan Rescue Hospital near Selby. It is understood that swans may reject a cygnet if they are unable to feed them.

Then yesterday (10 June) another cygnet was spotted with a damaged beak. Swan Rescue were called in again and were again able to help.

Cygnet surgery. Photo: Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital

Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital commented:

“Some cosmetic surgery for this chap yesterday, after his beak was badly damaged by a fishing hook at Middleton Park in Leeds. Looking much better now.

“Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Alistair and the team at Greenwood & Brown Veterinary Clinics Ltd for their assistance with the cygnet.”

The Friends of Middleton Park commented:

“Please could we all take a little time when visiting the Park and the lake to see the proud parents and the cygnets to just think about our actions.

“Those who want to fish, please be very careful (as I know most of you are) with your lines and what you leave behind. Please do not leave lines unattended, and be careful where your floats go.

“Those who are walking their dogs – please do keep them on a lead whilst around the lake and do NOT at this time allow them into the water.

“Those with children (of any age 8-80!) – please do NOT allow them to harass or get too close to the swans or their cygnets, and obviously the throwing of stones at any of the birds is just stupid.

“Above all, please could we ALL respect the wildlife in the lake…and especially the swans and their young.”

RSPCA officers have been to the park to speak to visitors and park staff have been working to clear away any fishing tackle left in or near the lake.


Main photo: Margaret Hebden

This article was amended at 5:45pm on 11 June 2020


6 Replies to “Cygnets rescued from Middleton Park lake”

  1. It was actually Saturday morning at 6.15 that my husband and I rescued the 1st cygnet. The cob was trying to drown it. My husband waded into the pond as it was under the water with just a little of its head and a tiny wing out of the water. After a few hours of tlc we drove over to the sanctuary to hand the little guy over to Dan. We didn’t think it would make it but thankfully it has. A massive thank you to the rescue center for all their hard work.

    1. Thank you for the correction, I will amend the article. And thank you for rescuing the cygnet.

  2. How lovely to know Sara and her husband were at Middleton park lake and able to rescue the baby bird from further damage. But read in Yorkshire evening post that in a different part of Leeds some cruel person has shot and killed a pair of swans – so awful hope this callous person is caught and punished.

  3. visited the park yesterday and I was shocked that they were so big ,it doesn’t seem two mins since the mother was nesting on the island and now weeks later all those beautiful big babies .hope they stay safe ,the park has had problems in past with the theft of ducks wondering what happened to the cygnet that was nearly drowned by its father has it been reunited ,I do hope the cameras are still working in the park ,we are living amongst evil people

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