Councillors rally against Middleton Circus mobile phone mast plan

Councillors have spoken out against plans by a communications giant to erect a new mobile phone mast in the middle of a residential area in the heart of Middleton.

Middleton Park Ward councillors Geoff Driver, Judith Blake and Kim Groves have criticised a planning application from telecommunications company Vodafone to install a 12-metre phone mast in the centre of Middleton Circus.

The proposed location for the mast has only recently been carefully redesigned and renovated with the active involvement and support of local community groups to transform it from an environmental eyesore and no-go area to a pleasant and well-used community space.

 Local councillors believe that a mast on the site can only be detrimental to the work that has been done to transform the area and would also be an unnecessary intrusion on the local landscape .

 Councillor Geoff Driver said:

“People need to be aware of applications like this and it is really important that they take the time to view the proposals and take up the opportunity to submit their views and comments on them to Leeds City Council planning officers.

“It is clear that this very central position on Middleton Circus cannot be an appropriate location for a new phone mast. If ever erected, a 12-metre phone mast here would be visible from all around and be a blot on the local landscape for residents in all parts of Middleton.

“What is more, it would go against the grain of what has been achieved with Middleton Circus in the past few years. Local people have worked with the Council to make this area a special place, somewhere where people can relax and feel comfortable in. Sticking a phone mast right in the middle of it is unthinkable and would completely spoil the surroundings.”

 Application 11/04238 can be viewed online at Comments can be submitted online or by writing to the Development Enquiry Centre, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Steet, Leeds, LS2 8HD, quoting the reference number above. Comments must be received by  November 4.