Councillor’s concern over Dewsbury Road speeding

Councillor Andrew Scopes (Labour, Beeston & Holbeck) has become increasingly concerned about the issue of speeding cars on Dewsbury Road.

He recently submitted a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request to West Yorkshire Police asking:

“Are you able to tell me how many tickets the speed camera on Dewsbury Road (Beeston, Leeds which
are near to the Tommy Wass Pub) issues?”

In response, West Yorkshire Police, supplied the following information:

“The number of speeding offences captured on the camera on Dewsbury road near to the Tommy Wass
pub between 1 January 2022 & 31 May 2022 are as follows :

Month Total Offences

Commenting on the information, Cllr Scopes told South Leeds Life:

“I continue to be concerned about the safety of Dewsbury Road, whether that is the crossing up at the Tommy Wass junction or reports about the speed some vehicles are travelling along the road. However, it is good to see that the speed camera on Dewsbury Road is working and hope that these figures will encourage drivers to reduce their speed.”


Photo: Google Streetview


4 Replies to “Councillor’s concern over Dewsbury Road speeding”

  1. wonder if they have cameras watching and catching the ones who go through the red lights?

  2. I agree with the Councillor’s concerns but as an aside can Councillor Scopes find out what is to be done about the weed ridden traffic islands that run along the said road? Prior to the introduction of the cycle tracks during the public consultation process these islands were shown to be wildflower areas.
    They look an absolute mess and let the area down badly.

    1. The sign near the ASDA on Old Lane is not a speed camera just a visual display to alert drivers to their speed. It does not flash you if you are speeding, only tells you the speed you are going.

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