Councillors bring change to the Managed Approach

Local councillors Andrew Scopes, Angela Gabriel and Gohar Almass are pleased to see the difference new policing arrangements are having on the Managed Approach to street sex work in Holbeck since they pushed the Council for their introduction at the end of last year.

Residents and businesses had expressed their concerns that additional support was needed for the Managed Approach.

After raising these concerns the local councillors were delighted that extra resources were introduced as part of a more tailored, strategic and operational approach. This new approach includes a renewed emphasis on policing, cleansing and related support services as part of a push to address the issues raised in the local community.

The councillors took part in a walkabout of the Managed Approach earlier this week and were joined by residents who said they were already starting to see changes for the better since the introduction of the new arrangements, and are looking forward to this continuing.

Councillor Andrew Scopes (Labour, Beeston and Holbeck) said:

“We’ve listened to local residents and their concerns. We have responded and they have told us that they can already see the difference the dedicated policing team is having on their day-to-day lives since its introduction before Christmas.

“It’s great to see the positive impact the extra policing is having on the area and we’ll continue to work with our residents and businesses as well as ensure meaningful support continues to be in place to help and safeguard residents and those involved with on-street sex work.”


This post is based on a press release issued by Councillors Andrew Scopes, Gohar Almass and Angela Gabriel (Labour, Beeston and Holbeck)


14 Replies to “Councillors bring change to the Managed Approach”

  1. Who were the resident’s they asked no one knocked on my door why went we told are councillors had come out of hiding. Why do we ne
    ver see all the new police they have said we have
    It is us residents who phone LCD to report needles prostitutes having sex in our phone box’s we the resident’s are doing everyone’s jobs are councillors only come out for photos and to vote on keeping the failed me

  2. This is a load of rubbish.. the managed zone is a disgrace where decent people have work, live and up children. You won’t see the councillors walking round on their own or living in the area. Which residents have they actually spoken to would be interesting to know

  3. I like how they say it’s improved during the winter months. Of course it will, no one wants to dry their pants when it’s cold, they should look at it again in the summer. Also I would like to know at what time of day or night they walked round the approach, I’m betting it was before the time the prostitutes were out.

  4. It’s about time that councillors lived in areas they are suppose to represent dewsbur y roads a disgrace councillors are NIMBYS

  5. It really just is dumping on south leeds. Will our weak councillors stand up to exec board members like Debra Coupar; or will they continue to sell us down the canal to get browny points?

  6. Staged rubbish to promote a false narrative…seems Labour Leeds is as grubby as the red light district they wallow in…

  7. I don’t know if they have listened to anyone apart from Hilary Benn. It’s a funny that the Tories, who never get a look in in South Leeds, were the only ones who tried to do what the people wanted. Seems like our Labour rabble talk about listening, but none of them actually live or care about the people in Holbeck. That’s shameful.

  8. Councillors taking credit for the improvement its a bloody joke. I hope they can sleep at night for taking credit for others hard work.

  9. Where do them three stooges get they information from….. o yes they from the labour council say no more, and where are the extra police I have not seen them well today sex workers 25 January walking out side the kings harms where are you to see it Tuesday 15 January I had to move them from underneath my window and to remove silver foil durx and yes knickers,………..

    Or by the way they did not come round knocking on doors in balm walk. To me they tell us it is working knowing dam well that it is NOT Y because they won’t want them roun they doors, I have to say to those stooges get you heads out from the sand do you job and live in the real world.

  10. It’s very easy to be positive about how good the so called red light managed zone is when you don’t live near it .
    I have to walk home a long way home to avoid the red light zone and unwanted attention .
    None of these councillors or other do gooders have ever asked my or my neighbours opinions and it seems like the whole scheme was done very quitely and put-in place before most people even knew it had occured .
    So when all the new buildings are finished around the Bath Road area where will they move to then .
    Perhaps these councillors should volunteer there areas to move it to .
    It seems South Leeds in general has always been a dumping ground for all the ills in society how about trying North Leeds for a change .

  11. Weii sed the council onley want to hear what suits them, and saying that nobody knocked on my door, I will say I will hire a mini bus pick up all the sex workers and dump them round they door steps, and within 24hrs they will be lock up

  12. Improvement – where? A used condom and the packet it came from was on the ground of the parking spaces provided at the rear of St Matthew’s last week at c.10.30am No one knocked on my door – well said k bradley and those before him.

  13. I grew up on Holbeck and loved there till I was 30.
    It is a disgrace what the people of Holbeck have to it up with.
    My sister and we’re approached by a scantly clothed young women on St Matthews Street. It was only afterwards we realised she was looking for a punter. What right has any authority to inflict this on any area of our city.
    Why not have it Chaple Town which was always the “Red Ligjt District “ in Leeds.

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