Council to seek injunction to tackle fireworks nuisance

Leeds City Council, working in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, is seeking an injunction to tackle the misuse of fireworks in Leeds. Residents have the opportunity to add their support or oppose the application.

If granted by the Court, the injunction will cover the entire Leeds metropolitan district and last until 31 January 2021. Amongst the actions forbidden by the injunction will be:

  • three or more people gathering in a public place causing anti-social behaviour by let off fireworks
  • abusing, threatening, or obstructing a member of the emergency services tackling a firework related incident
  • erecting unauthorised barriers on streets
  • setting fire to other people’s property

Anti-social use of fireworks is defined as:

  • Aiming fireworks at people, animals, vehicles and buildings
  • Using a firework to cause nuisance, annoyance, alarm, harrassment or distress

You can read the full details of the injuction being sought by clicking here

If anyone wishes to support the application they should send an email to

If anyone wishes to oppose the application then they will need to be added as a defendant. Anyone wishing to oppose the application can do so by emailing:

The deadline to support or oppose the application is: Monday 24 August 2020. The injunction is set to be heard at Leeds County Court on Friday 28 August.


2 Replies to “Council to seek injunction to tackle fireworks nuisance”

  1. Fireworks should only be allowed for public licenced displays where they are lit by trained people on special occasions. Unfortunately they are places where fireworks can be bought all year round so some people think it’s acceptable to light them whenever they like and cause terrible disruption to many people who don’t want to hear them – often late at night- as for the way last year those youths throwing were fireworks around its a disgrace . They are thoughtless and irresponsible. I hope the banning of fireworks is enforced A.S.A. P .

  2. Yes ban the use of fireworks unless it’s only for public display and controlled by a licenced person. Unfortunately fireworks can be bought all year round and some irresponsible people don’t care about how careless they are when lighting them , they cause disruption to their neighbours who want them to be banned and cause trouble to the emergency services .

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