Cottingley mums aim to recruit celebrity support to raise awareness of autism

Two Cottingley mums are spearheading a Facebook campaign to raise awareness about autism.

Vikki Hayes Blake and Christine Twinkle have started the ‘I emailed for autism’ campaign which encourages people to email a celebrity or post on facebook pages and ask them to wear blue in April to support Autism Awareness Month.

Celebrities including the cast of Emmerdale, Leeds DJ Chris Moyles and John Travolta have all been approached.

In a post on their I Emailed for Autism Facebook group, which has 65 members, Vikki says:

“As you may be well aware April is Autism Awearness month. Last year throughout the month of April myself and Christine Twinkle put on various different events in our estate. We had coffee mornings, cake stalls, and other small events. We raised a significant amount of money which was given to the local school to spend on items to improve the development of the autistic children attending that school. It was a huge sucess.

“We want to raise awareness of autism. Christine’s daughter Amber is autistic. As she has started to attend school, Christine has found that not everyone understands what autism is. The children ask why Amber does thing differently to them. We found out that April is Autism Awearness month so we decided to do something about it.

“This year we want it to be bigger and better. We have charity nights, charity bingo, coffee morning, cake stalls, trying to sort a gig with different bands, trying to organise a parade through the centre of leeds.

“What we are asking from you and your wonderful friends is to wear blue for one day during April, and if you like take a photo of it and post it in the I E-mailed for Autism 2012 group.”