Community Reports says goodbye, bonvoyage, au revoir, khuda hafiz, bidāẏa, kwaheri

Student certificates 2Wednesday 19th June was the end of a 10 week course for the South Leeds Life Community Reporters. For all our hard work Jeremy Morton the tutor, cooked a celebratory cake – that’s right he can cook a mean cake sponge with cream and jam in the middle.

The group have had a great time learning the skills to write articles for the South Leeds Life blog. Ten weeks ago five people with links to south Leeds, came together with one aim and that was to become Community Reports for the South Leeds Life blog, using our own inimitable styles.

The course entailed visits to the Middleton Park, Leeds City Museum, South Leeds Community Radio and an interview with Councillor Kim Groves. We also had homework to complete, in the from of articles on all the visits we went on and the interview with the councillor. We wrote articles on local issues like the shops developments, Beeston Festival, historical building in south Leeds, a train built in Hunslet now operating on the Snowdon mountain. We wrote articles on what we did at the weekend – growing Zimbabwean vegetables, an evening with Germaine Greer or knitting as a hobby.

The course came to an end with the group setting themselves up as South Leeds Life authors, so we can now write reports and publish them as authors in our own right.

I am sure we would all like to thank Jeremy for his patience and dedication on the course and wish him every success with the next cohort of students, due to start shortly.

I can recommend this course to any budding writer out there from South Leeds.

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  1. Well wrote Saint Clair.

    My thanks also to Jeremy. And wish him well in the future.

    Hope all the other trainees have a good time reporting, and hope to see you all in the future.

  2. Hi Saint Claire. Like your saint photo above.
    You asked me how to find me on facebook. Im Kenneth ingram.
    There is more than 1. Look for picture of an Owl taken at Falconry Middleton Park.
    Regards Ken.

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