Community Alert system launched by West Yorkshire Police

A new community alert system is being launched in West Yorkshire to keep residents informed of crime in their area and positive work being carried out by police.

West Yorkshire Community Alert will allow residents to keep up to date with local police updates and will be launched on Wednesday 1 May 2019.

Registration is free and people can choose to receive news and appeals, local crime information and crime prevention advice via email or text message.

Alerts can include: ‘Be aware, scam emails circulating suggesting your TV licence needs renewed’, or ‘officers are investigating a burglary in your area – check doors and windows are locked and keep valuables out of view’.

Chief Inspector Richard Close said:

“This is an exciting development for the Force and will mean we can share information with our communities more easily.

“It is especially useful for members of the public who aren’t on social media, and will allow them to be updated directly via email or text.

“The updates will be targeted and based on the preferences of each individual; we won’t spam you with hundreds of messages. The information will be based on your postcode, your preferences and what is relevant to your interests.”

The scheme has been used successfully by other police forces and has resulted in greater engagement with the communities each Force serves.

The public can sign up for local updates from their neighbourhood policing team or neighbourhood watch contacts, or join a number of specialised community interest groups such as business watch, wildlife crime, motorists and crime prevention.

West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson said:

“Working with communities is at the heart of what we do and I welcome the implementation of this new system which will help to increase engagement and awareness.

“This additional communication tool will also further empower people to link in with West Yorkshire Police, and partner organisations. I often receive feedback from members of the public who would welcome further contact.

“We all have a responsibility to encourage inclusivity and build relationships in communities. These relationships strengthen our resilience and ultimately help to keep us safe which is the overall aim of the Police and Crime Plan.”

To sign up, go to:


This post is based on a press release issued by West Yorkshire Police