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New members the target on South Leeds Archers open day

South Leeds Archers marked their 20th anniversary year with a free open day at Cockburn School. Adults and children beginners were invited to practice at short-distance targets with beginners’ bows while club members displayed their ability with shots from up to 100 yards. The event aimed to increase exposure for

Edward Woffenden – a Leeds Pal from Beeston

Edward Woffenden, Private 15/1003, 15th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment Leeds 11 was, and still is, essentially Holbeck and Beeston. It had been a prosperous area during the 19th Century, with a lot of manufacturing, including John Marshall’s Mill and Matthew Murray’s Foundry, but by the beginning of the 20th Century

Family charity celebrates 150th anniversary with Middleton picnic

Families Together Leeds celebrates charity’s 150th Anniversary with Family Monster Picnic at St Mary’s Parochial Hall, Middleton On 1 August 2019, forty parents, children and friends joined Families Together Leeds, which is run by the charity Family Action, at their Family Monster Picnic at St Mary’s Parochial Hall, Middleton, Leeds.

Blossom Crosby with her gold medals

Triple Gold World Championship Wins for 5 year old BJJ Star

Five-year old Blossom Crosby from Middleton has won three Gold medals at the 2019 Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Junior World Championships. Blossom stormed to victory, winning all her matches without dropping a single point. The Junior World Champ secured a decisive win in each of her medal-winning matches through arm bar

White Rose immortalises Yorkshire sporting icons for Yorkshire Day

Say hello to Yorkshire’s smallest group of home-grown sporting heroes, as White Rose Shopping Centre unveils a unique collection of custom mini figures printed on genuine LEGO® parts in celebration of Yorkshire Day – and the set could be yours. Tomorrow (1 August 2019), a selection of Yorkshire’s great sporting