Brand new Aphasia Café arrives in Belle Isle

Belle Isle TMO’s GATE Community Resource Centre will host a monthly ‘Aphasia Café’ from Tuesday (8 May 2018). The café will run on the second Tuesday of every month between 1-3pm.

Aphasia is an impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write. Aphasia is due to injury to the brain-most commonly from a stroke.

The café is being organised by Yorkshire charity, Speak With IT.

James Major, Charity Manager for Speak With IT explains why they have organised the event:

“People with aphasia can find it hard to communicate their thoughts which can often lead them to becoming socially isolated. The idea for this café actually came from two people we already support in South Leeds, and it will provide them with a fantastic opportunity to meet up and talk in a really supportive environment.”

People with aphasia and/or their carers are invited to simply come along to the first café on 8 May – If you wish to find out more about the café or Speak With IT please contact James on 01924 580970.

BITMOs GATE is located at Aberfield Gate, off Belle Isle Road, LS10 3QH. For more information call (0113) 378 2190 or email