Independents fail to loosen Labour’s grip on South Leeds

All nine Labour Party candidates in the three South Leeds wards of Beeston & Holbeck, Hunslet & Riverside and Middleton Park have been elected in the ‘all out’ Leeds City Council election.

Results were declared in the early hours of Friday morning (4 May 2018) after an overnight count at the first direct Arena. The full results are published at the bottom of the page.

Turnout ranged from 23.6% in Middleton Park Ward to 28.8% in Beeston and Holbeck Ward, similar to the last Council elections in 2016.

Angela Gabriel, Gohar Almas and Andrew Scopes were elected in Beeston & Holbeck Ward. The Save Our Beeston & Holbeck Independents, campaigning mainly around ending the ‘Managed Approach’ to prostitution in Holbeck, came second winning 29% of the vote but trailing Labour by around 1,000 votes each.

Speaking to South Leeds Life, Cllr Angela Gabriel thanked residents across the ward for supporting the Labour team as well as retiring Councillors David Congreve and Adam Ogilvie.

“We are a new Labour team and we want to work with everyone in the ward to improve our community” she said.

Gohar Almas said:

“I’m humbled and grateful to the voters who gave myself and my Labour party colleagues an overwhelming vote of confidence to continue serving our people.

“I’ll try my level best to meet the expectations of the residents of Beeston, Holbeck and Cottingley Hall and to continue the conversation and initiatives to make our neighbourhood a better place to live in.”

In Hunslet & Riverside Ward Elizabeth Nash, Mohammed Iqbal and Paul Wray were elected. Ed Carlisle for the Green Party was fourth, coming within 400 votes of winning the third seat, although the the other Green candidates fared less well.

Paul Wray commented on Twitter:

“To the people of Hunslet and Riverside – thank you for the honour to serve you. Now the real work starts.”

A similar story played out in Middleton Park Ward where Kim Groves, Judith Blake and Paul Truswell were elected for Labour. Wayne Dixon standing for the SDP came fourth, but was over 1,000 votes behind Labour.

Commenting on the results, Cllr Judith Blake told South Leeds Life:

“I’m delighted that Kim, Paul and myself have retained our seats, we work well ads a team on behalf of the people of Belle Isle and Middleton.”

She paid tribute to the Labour Party members in the ward “without whose support we would be able to do what we do year round.”

She went on to say that she was delighted with results overall across the city as Labour will continue in control of Leeds City Council. Labour now hold 61 of the 99 seats on the Council, up 3 from 2016.


Beeston & Holbeck Ward

Electorate: 16927     Turnout: 28.8 %     Spoilt papers : 12

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description Length of term
Almas Gohar 2471 ELECTED Labour Party 2 Years
Birch Bill 1281 Save Our Beeston & Holbeck Independents
Brear Owen Arthur David 343 Green Party
Buckley Lyn Jean 464 Conservative Party Candidate
Durdin Robert William Fraser 159 Liberal Democrats
Gabriel Angela 2593 ELECTED Labour Party 4 Years
Gaines Jarrod Anthony 197 Liberal Democrats
Robertson Ian 395 Conservative Party Candidate
Scopes Andrew Timothy 2257 ELECTED Labour Party 1 Year
Sturman Sean Patrick 1250 Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents
Walton Laura Elizabeth 1269 Save Our Beeston and Holbeck Independents
Winfield Robert James William 495 Conservative Party Candidate


Hunslet & Riverside Ward:

Electorate: 16702     Turnout: 27.4 %     Spoilt papers: 13

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description Length of term
Carlisle Ed 1740 Green Party lead candidate
Goncalves Eunice Helena Dos Santos Almeida Barbosa Vicente 1024 Green Party second choice candidate
Hall Alaric Timothy Peter 931 Green Party third choice candidate
Iqbal Mohammed 2391 ELECTED Labour Party 2 Years
Nash Elizabeth Anne 2399 ELECTED Labour Party 4 Years
Salt Richard Mark 409 Conservative Party Candidate
Saunders Kenny 340 Independent
Smith Scott David Ian 384 Conservative Party Candidate
Spencer James Michael 176 Liberal Democrats
Wheeler Michael Edward John 342 Conservative Party Candidate
Wray Paul Ian 2132 ELECTED Labour Party 1 Year


Middleton Park Ward

Electorate: 19465     Turnout: 23.6 %     Spoilt papers: 14

Surname Forename Votes Elected Description Length of term
Blake Judith 2747 ELECTED Labour Party 2 Years
Dixon Wayne Alan 1232 Social Democratic Party
Gagen Kathryn Elizabeth 293 Liberal Democrats
Groves Kim Susan 3373 ELECTED Labour Party 4 Years
Herdson David 621 Conservative Party Candidate
Jessop Rita 613 Conservative Party Candidate
Lamb Gareth Andrew 451 Conservative Party Candidate
Truswell Paul Anthony 2366 ELECTED Labour Party 1 Year