Big Spring Clean for Beeston Hill

Residents from the Normantons and Waverleys area of Beeston Hill are being encouraged to join a community clear up this Saturday (12 March 2016).

Big Spring Clean logoThe event has been organised by the St Luke’s Tenants & Residents Association who have teamed up with the Church in LS11 and is supported by the Inner South Community Committee. Everyone is encouraged to turn out, equipment will be provided, but old clothes are recommended. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please meet at St Luke’s Church on Malvern Road at 2pm.

As a thank you and celebration of the work all volunteers will be invited to the Church of the Nazarene for food and refreshments after the work.

Ed Carlisle, one of those coordinating the event, commented:

​”Community clear-ups aren’t glamorous, but they’re​ a simple thing that can make a massive difference in a local area. And quite apart from the litter and junk cleared, it’s just good seeing different people getting together around a shared task. Who knows, maybe we’ll ​even enjoy ourselves..?”​

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4 Replies to “Big Spring Clean for Beeston Hill”

  1. Wait a minute: surely this is what residents of LS11 pay their council tax for?

    Leeds City Council is paid by the community for this service. It is not the responsibility of residents to give up their spare time to clean the streets.

    1. Maybe if certain residents stopped creating the mess in the first place, these events wouldn’t be needed??

      Best of luck to the people involved in the clean up. I’m sure your time and effort will be appreciated.

  2. It is absolutely not the responsibility of the residents to give up their time to be involved – but maybe that’s part of the point. Maybe this is about a group of people who want to give up their spare time to make the community around us a better, cleaner place to be. No-one’s forcing or coercing anyone to be there – it’s a choice to offer the gift of time.

    1. Part of the point would be for the event to be photographed and those photographs be sent to Leeds City Council as a way of shaming the dire service that the south of Leeds receives compared to more afluent areas in the north of the city.

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