Behind the scenes at Beeston Festival


BF Programme frontThe Festival takes place a week today on Saturday and we’re all hoping for a warm, sunny day… Have you ever thought of what goes on behind the scene to make the Festival happens?

For over six months a number of people have been beavering away behind the scenes to get everything arranged – these people form the Beeston Festival Committee and they all give their time voluntarily.  Excluding all the volunteers who give their time on the day to make sure the day runs (reasonably!) smoothly it’s estimated that that the amount of time it takes to organise the Festival is in excess of 400 hours…

There are stages and marquees to be booked, as do the acts that will perform on them and in them. We need a licence from the Council, someone has to think about the litter and recycling. We have to hire in generators to power everything, put up posters and banners. We have to process all the stall applications. There’s quite a lot to do.

In addition to the time people give the Festival couldn’t take place without money! Some of this comes from fees – those who book stalls and provide commercial activities – but a lot from grants and sponsorship.

BF sponsorsThe Festival 2013 has been funded by:

  • Beeston & Holbeck Community First Panel
  • Citu
  • City & Hunslet Community First Panel
  • South (Inner) Area Committee, Leeds City Council
  • Leeds Federated Housing Association
  • Leeds Inspired
  • MICE money – money approved by the councilors of Beeston & Holbeck and City & Hunslet
  • Red Nose Day Community Cash
  • Tesco
  • Together Housing Group
  • UNISON Leeds & York Community Health Branch
  • Unity Homes & Enterprise

The Committee is really grateful for all the financial support it receives and hopes everyone has a really enjoyable day next Saturday showing what a great community Beeston is.

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  1. I love the event but have to grumble as I cannot gain access to the park over the full year as there is no access for doubled buggies – twin pushchairs they do not fit. Thus, I pressume the park overs no disabled access as I would fit through this.

    Yes I can go to this event as the main gate will be open, but in a area full of back to back/ terraced properties the park should give access to all throughout the year and not paint the same brush on us all by limiting the access due to the idiots who ride there bikes in the park.

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