Beeston Primary School evacuated

Children from Beeston Primary School were evacuated this morning (Friday 27 May 2016) in what is thought to have been a bomb threat.

Beeston Primary Police

The children were taken to neighbouring Hugh Gaitskell Primary School and parents were contacted to collect them from there.

The incident is thought to be linked to a series of bomb hoaxes across the country. Earlier this week Middleton Primary School was evacuated, the school was searched but nothing was found.


4 Replies to “Beeston Primary School evacuated”

  1. Was a terrible experience!! But well done to all the staff from Beeston Primary and Hugh Gaitskel – handled very well!!! Also all parents keeping calm under the awful circumstances. And well done to all of our very brave sensible children.

    1. Well done to all staff and children handling this situation well orcharstrated evacuation well done Beeston Primary and Hugh Gaitskell staff and children

  2. To think somebody would target innocent child hoax or otherwise by disrupting there education in this way

  3. Thank you to all the teachers and staff at beston primary school my granddaughter lexi attends this school very scary

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