Author: Ken Burton

I was born in Black Bull Street then we moved out to east Leeds, I have also lived in north Leeds but when I married we moved to Beeston in 1966 (still with the same lass). I like the area very much and try to promote south Leeds history, much of which in the 'development' of the area has disappeared. I am the Secretary of Beeston Local History Society and a Friend of Holbeck Cemetery and try and contribute to our area as much as possible.

Local history: The Murder of the Beecroft Girls, Holbeck, 1900

The Beecroft girls, Ada aged 6 years and Annie aged 4 years, were the illegitimate daughters of Thomas Mellor. Their mother Ada Beecroft, had been committed to the Menston Asylum at Guiseley where she died in November 1899. Some time before Ada’s death Mellor had moved in with another woman