Aliens sighted at New Bewerley Community School

Staff in protection suits patrolled the playground after a mysterious object was discovered at New Bewerley Community School in Beeston this morning, Monday 23 November 2015.

Staff in protective suits examine alien object at New Bewerley School. Photo: Jeremy Morton
Staff in protective suits examine alien object at New Bewerley School. Photo: Jeremy Morton

Children were keen to investigate but were kept back whilst the object was investigated. Headteacher Gary German told children in assembly that he wasn’t sure what had happened but he had asked to see the school’s CCTV footage. Children and staff then sat in awe as they watched an alien creature with Day-Glo yellow head and hands and blue space suit explore first outside and then inside the school.

New Bewerley Community SchoolMr German said he had informed the Police, but asked the children for advice about what to do if they found the alien was still in the school. One pupil suggested they ask where it was from and about its journey to Earth; another said it might want to join in and be part of school. Mr German suggested that the alien might be worried, scared and nervous and everyone should be as welcoming as they are to new children at school.

He also encouraged them to think about what is special about the school, about Beeston and about Leeds to share with the alien if they met it.

Deputy Headteacher Tracey Cunningham explained to South Leeds Life that the alien crash had been staged to create a wow factor and would be followed up throughout the week right across the school.

“West Yorkshire Playhouse are coming in to run workshops for children in Years 1 and 2” she explained. “All classes will be using the subject in writing and maths and we are linking it to understanding and describing our local area.”

The week will end with an alien parade of costumes created in class and a special party.

We hope to bring you the CCTV footage later today, once it’s been cleared for publication.



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