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New Bewerley children graduate at Trinity University

Children from New Bewerley Community School in Beeston attended Leeds Trinity University for a graduation ceremony last week. The children graduated from Leeds Children’s University, having taken part in 30 hours plus of extra curricular learning, and have attended after school clubs such as knitting, chess, sports, drama and film

Aliens sighted at New Bewerley Community School

Staff in protection suits patrolled the playground after a mysterious object was discovered at New Bewerley Community School in Beeston this morning, Monday 23 November 2015. Children were keen to investigate but were kept back whilst the object was investigated. Headteacher Gary German told children in assembly that he wasn’t

New Bewerley pupils ‘Building Brighter Futures’

The range of professions involved in building new council homes on the housing regeneration project have been brought to life in artwork created by local pupils. New ‘building brighter futures’ banners displaying the posters created by New Bewerley Community School pupils are now on show at a Beeston site where