Aldi and Asda supermarkets under construction in Middleton


Aldi Aug13 01Work has finally started on the Aldi supermarket being built on the site of the Middleton Arms.

Planning permission was granted back in 2011 after a fire destroyed the pub, which had closed some time earlier. The long delays had raised questions in residents’ minds that the supermarket chain may have had second thoughts.

Site cabins have been set up and today diggers were clearing the site and deliveries were arriving. The work is expected to last 30 weeks with the store due to open in March 2014.

Asda Aug13 01Meanwhile work is progressing on the Asda site on Holmewell Road next to the household waste site. Demolition has been completed and the site has been levelled. The Asda store is due to open in May 2014.

Notices posted at the site indicate that Asda have applied to Leeds City Council for a licence to sell alcohol 24 hours a day from the store.

7 Replies to “Aldi and Asda supermarkets under construction in Middleton”

  1. Great to see the investment actually materialising. These stores will provide a massive boost for the area. I’m concerned to see Asda’s application for 24 hr alcohol sales, especially as I was not aware it was a 24 hour store. Personally I don’t think there is a requirement for it to be 24 hrs in a predominantly residential area.

  2. The Asda site looks a bit “small”…..don’t know how it’s going to accommodate much in the way of car parking or area(s) for deliveries etc ????

  3. Middleton has waited too long for an ASDA, I hope they speed up and beat Aldi to be first to open….
    I always remember using the ASDA bus to the Morley superstore many years ago, and it was free….well done ASDA !

  4. I used the free bus as well Clive, it was so useful to me as a non driver. It was 34 years ago but I still remember the name of the driver, John. Later the bus was run by an equally pleasant man with white hair whose name evades me (was it Clive as well). Both chaps would oblige by stopping as near as possible to everyones house on the run and always gave us time to get on and off. In my case this involved over the years a baby a pushchair and several bags and then a baby a toddler a double buggy and several bags. It would have been impossible to reach Asda in my situation without that bus and it’s accomodating drivers. I also remember how every December the bus was decked out in tinsel and Christmas cards. Aahh those were the days! Now that I am much older and have creaky bones, I would find it really useful to be able to use such a bus again.

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