Hunslet Club Summer Gala 25th August 2013


I arrived at the Hunslet Club to see a large amount of families had already arrived for this fun day. But where were all the boys? Girls outnumbered them five to one.


There were as many inflatables as I had ever seen at a Gala or Fun Day. These included the Lazerquest Maze, a 30ft Pirate Slide, an Assault course, Moon Walk Space Dome, Crazy Golf, Toddler SeaWorld Adventure and a Bouncy Castle.

There was disco playing music as I went round the various activities. Live Singers were to be in the clubhouse at 4pm, but I had gone home by then.

There were not many stalls I’m afraid, barring the Tombola. I paid my £1 for tickets, hoping to win a bottle, but with no luck I’m afraid. The barbecue looked tempting, but thinking of my waist line, I decided not to have a burger.

I was impressed by the Gymnastics on the Gym mat, young people doing summersaults and all manner of things going on. Meanwhile on the Rugby pitch, there was a Parents v Coaches match going on. Again like the Birds of Prey at Middleton Park, there was to be a display late in the day.

I was driving, so declined the offer of a pint at the bar. Probably no real ale anyway, which is the norm in clubs nowadays.

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  1. A nice review Kenneth, we’re glad you enjoyed yourself. Not many stalls yes, we prefer it to be more of a fun day without too many stalls selling anything and everything leading to kids pressuring their parents to buy tacky toys etc.

    The singers were pretty good, should have stuck around to see them, video of one of them here: and pictures from throughout the day here:

    As for the ale, sorry, it just doesn’t sell well enough here, c’est la vie, but there are plenty of nice places around that do, we’re fortunate enough to be able to accomodate a lot of wedding receptions, parties and functions throughout the year with our bar to help keep the club sustainable :o)

  2. Thank you for your comments. I agree clubs do not sell enough hand pump beer, would go off before end of barrel. You really have to be open every day to sell this amount, to do hand pump beer.

    I had another commitment early afternoon, otherwise would have come back later for singers.
    Hope the club goes from strength to strength. I have plenty of videos on my mobile phone of boxing and coach outings from the club in its early days.

    I even cleaned some of your carpets in the stewards rooms, when I was in business as a self employed carpet &amp upholstery cleaner, must go back 20 years or more.

  3. An amazing club supported by a fantastic group of volunteers and staff manage to always put on a good event come rain or shine at a budget that is family friendly Hunslet club always puts the community at the centre of all it events rather than making large profits to line pockets. The summer gala was enjoyed by my family and friends and because of the amount of stalls the way the charges were applied for entertainment and the value for money food and bar meant we could stay all afternoon without spending an absolute fortunes. Well done hunslet club keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks. only recently come out of hospital and told to have some rest, otherwise maybe stayed and watched music.
    Also had another place to go. Pretty exhausted by end of day.

    There is some bands playing down In Middleton Park at the weekend.
    Maybe have a look to see if any ones you would like to have at your club.
    I will be there.

  5. Took my grandkids to this event, it was excellent and the prices for the inflatables were like stepping back in time I was able to let them go on as many things as they wanted. Well done to those who organised this event.

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