South Leeds Roundup: The Tetley, TED and Trash


Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook.

The TetleyWe have a new centre for contemporary art on our doorstep. The Tetley – it has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Like The Baltic or The Tate? Anyway it will open later in the autumn in to old Tetley Brewery HQ, a glorious art deco building. Their website is up and running and is worth keeping an eye on as preparations continue.

The popular Breeze Friday Night Project for young people is moving back to the Middleton Leisure Centre from 6th September. The South Leeds Youth Hub has full details on their website, or check out the Project’s Facebook page.

The Friends of Middleton Park remind us that this Sunday’s concert is a showcase for up and coming local bands The Scandal, Bad Sugar and Glassbody who all work with the Leeds Music Trust out of Old Chapel Studios in Holbeck. The fun starts at 1:00pm.

You can find out all sorts on the West Yorkshire Police website. Everything from the latest update on the tragic murders in Thorpe and Belle Isle over the weekend to the fact that Holbeck NPT’s show on South Leeds Community Radio is top of their download chart.

If you haven’t come across them, TED talks are an amazing collection of interesting lectures on every topic under the sun and gathered on the internet. Now Greenhouse, the eco housing development at the bottom of Beeston Road, are hosting a prestigious TEDx event. There will be a live feed from a talk in New York, followed by local speakers in the evening session Dream Me. Build Me. Make Me Real and is for “urban innovators, organisers, stewards and builders”. Do you think they mean us?

They have decided not to organise a Halloween event this year, but you can find full details of the Friends of New Forest Village’s meetings and events on their newly revamped website.

Middleton Railway have published lots of photos and a few videos from the weekend’s Festival of Transport.

Leeds Reads, the Libraries’ blog have looked through the cinema listings to see what’s being released this autumn. They’ve drawn up a handy list of the books that the films are based on. There’s even a link through to the catalogue so that you can order the book to borrow from your local library.

And finally a cautionary tale from The South & Outer East Locality Team, the part of the Council that helps us keep our streets clean. They have posted news of two enforcement actions in Beeston for residents not using their bins properly. It may seem trivial, but rubbish in gardens and on the streets is a real problem for neighbours. By the way, Fixed Penalty Notices don’t go away if you ignore them – they go to Court.