Day: 25 November 2015

When are South Leeds Christmas Lights switching on?

Christmas Lights in Beeston, Belle Isle, Holbeck and Middleton will be switched on at events over the next two weeks. Belle Isle goes first on Wednesday 2 December* at 4pm on Belle Isle Circus. The event will feature music from Windmill Primary School (and possibly Opera North). Beeston follows on

South Leeds Roundup: Challenges, comics and crackers

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook and Twitter. We start this week with a team of young people who took up The Challenge and came to Cross Flatts Park last Saturday to help Beeston In Bloom by clearing overgrown

Workshop will discuss children’s best start

The next Inner South Community Committee and Workshop will be held on Wednesday 9 December 2015. The workshop theme is Health and Well-being and will address the topic of Helping Children and Families have the Best Start. Cllr Angela Gabriel, Chair of the committee said: “We know that children born