Day: 28 November 2012

Photography: Save your memories!

My main hobby is photography. Since my early teens I have been interested in taking pictures. I’ve been using 35mm film for about fifty years. These days it is a different ball game, many people use digital cameras. Whether a basic compact,which can be reasonably inexpensive, or various Digital Single

Jubilee trees in Holbeck Cemetery

The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery recently won 105 trees cut from the Royal Household Estate to plant in the cemetery as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Today’s planting by the Friends of Holbeck Cemetery was attended by several members of the society, as well as representatives from both

Where the Dog woods and the Haw thorns

Did you know that the Dogwood tree, or Cornus sanguinea as it’s known in Latin, played an important role in the textile industry? Or that Crataegus monogyna, the common Hawthorn, is also known as “Ske” in Old Irish, “Porn” in Old Norse and “Hag” in old English? No, neither did

South Leeds roundup: Holbeck issues, Middleton Park and Santa trains

Good morning South Leeds! Here’s a slightly abridged roundup of what’s been making South Leeds tick over the past week on the area’s top websites, blogs and Facebook. The centrepiece of a £2million revamp of Middleton Park has finally been completed after bad weather caused building delays, reports the YEP. The