Jubilee trees in Holbeck Cemetery

The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery recently won 105 trees cut from the Royal Household Estate to plant in the cemetery as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Today’s planting by the Friends of Holbeck Cemetery was attended by several members of the society, as well as representatives from both Holbeck in Bloom and Beeston in Bloom, as the cemetery sits on the border between the two towns. There were also two gentlemen from the city council, who were obsensibly there to open the gates, but ended up helping with the planting regardless. Every person who was present for the planting, including your humble reporter/photographer, are to be listed in a Royal Record which will later be presented to the Queen.

The trees that were to be planted came from cuttings of plants on the Royal Household Estate, as was marked by the ribbons attatched to each of the trees to be planted. The trees were split between multiple locations within the cemetery, notably the entranceway, where they will form an arch, and the lookout point, as an area of interest on the site.

After applying online in February, it was not until September that they discovered that they were successful in their application. The 105 plants were received earlier this month to be planted in the cemetery. Where they will stand alongside the graves of both paupers and lord mayors, as well as the many other headstones of all of the different members of society in between that have been buried here over the decades.


This article was written by Nicholas Wix using our Community Reporters website at www.communityreporters.sllife.leeds11.com

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