Council plans improvements to three pedestrian crossings

Leeds City Council has confirmed three improvement schemes to pedestrian crossings in South Leeds in a decision published yesterday (5 May 2020).

A new zebra crossing will be provided on Pepper Road outside the Parnaby Tavern. Residents have long complained about speeding traffic on this stretch of road, which includes an s-bend, and is close to Hunslet Carr Primary School.

The report notes that there have been two accidents causing injury, one of them serious, on this stretch of road over the last five years. The works will include narrowing the road and adding a speed hump further around the corner.

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Zebra crossings on Belle Isle Road at the junction with East Grange Drive and West Grange Drive are to be upgraded. The site was the scene of a fatal accident on 3 March 2018. This incident was one of five collisions, causing 8 injuries, over the last five years.

The works will see an adjustment to the existing on-ramps to the zebra crossing plateaus, making these more severe thereby encouraging drivers to slow on approach to the crossing.

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In addition to these works, the zebra crossing on Beeston Road at the junction with Malvern Road is to have ‘halo’ lights added to the existing Belisha Beacons to make the crossing even more visible to motorists.

All the works are scheduled to be completed in the current financial year, by March 2021.


Photo: Cllr Mohammed Iqbal outside the Parnaby Tavern (taken 15 February 2020)


4 Replies to “Council plans improvements to three pedestrian crossings”

  1. What a waste of time doing that on belle isle road it needs traffic lights on there it’s a scary junction to cross in a car and people would be more aware if there was lights there for pedestrians as well
    Making bumps higher would not bother the idiots and it would be a hazard for emergency services

    1. Totally agree… When will they learn. The idiots speeding dont care about the speed bumps its exciting. All they do is damage peoples cars who are driving responsibly. I drive a small car and have to drive at ten mph over them.
      Stupid waste of money. Do the other things and use the speed bump tarmac to fill a few holes.

  2. The crossing on belle isle road east granges. Definitely needs lights it’s a very busy junction lifting Ramps up wont stop those coming from east and west Grange drive it’s a fight to get onto belle isle road.
    There be more fatalities until this is changed to lights.
    This is one improvement needs doing to save lives.

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