Young and old dancing together


Young people are inviting over 55s in their community to free dance classes.

The intergenerational youth project has been created to give young people the opportunity to make a difference in their community. The idea is that we provide opportunities for over 55’s to interact with young people ages 11-19.

We aim to do this by providing activities that both age groups can be involved in. Our first part of this project has been to meet with local agencies and discuss ways that this can be achieved. Our first joint venture is to be a dance/light exercise class. Other activities are gardening, joinery and DIY. As part of the programme we are planning to help improve some local sites,

Our overall aim for this project is to break down some barriers and improve community cohesion.

For further information please ring Allison 07891 277407  or

Intergenerational poster

This article was written by Denise Kempson using our Community Reporters website