Women protest against the Managed Approach in Holbeck

Women from a group called Leeds ReSisters unfurled a banner on Whitehall Road in Holbeck this morning reading:

“City of Punters #WomenFriendlyCity #ChildFriendlyLeeds #Leeds2023”

The group are angry that Safer Leeds appear to be continuing with the Managed Approach to street sex work in Holbeck and called the recent Independent Review “a whitewash.” The banner was later taken down.

In a statement they list their demands as:

  • their Council recognise prostitution as violence against women,
  • provide appropriate exit services for women in prostitution,
  • consider their Public Sector Equality Duty, and
  • assess the Equalities impact of the Managed Approach on women and children in Leeds.

You can read Leeds ReSisters’ full statement here.


3 Replies to “Women protest against the Managed Approach in Holbeck”

  1. Its really worth a read. and so true and to the point. I am really shocked that other female groups have not taken up the cause before.

  2. Well done those women for shining a spotlight onto a truly disgraceful part of Leeds city life and the harm it does women and girls. The “managed area” is a total cop out of civic responsibility and puts ALL women and girls in danger. Did Leeds learn nothing from the Yorkshire Ripper era?

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