Bus stop improvements for Belle Isle, Middleton and Cottingley

Bus stops on main routes in Belle Isle, Middleton and Cottingley are set for an upgrade including new shelters and real-time bus information boards.

The plans are part of a £7.36 million investment across the city which will be discussed by Councillors on the Executive Board on Monday (20 July 2020). The works are fully funded through the Department for Transport grant funded Connecting Leeds public transport programme.

Consultation on all the schemes was carried out with the public and with ward Councillors. As a result, the works in Middleton and Belle Isle have been substantially changed from the original proposal for a new bus interchange at Middleton Park Circu. The report states:

“Comments have been received from the Ward Members of the Middleton ward which have led to the modification of the initial proposals to reshape the scheme so that it better reflects priorities in the ward”

Cllr Kim Groves, Middleton Park ward and Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Transport Committee told South Leeds Life:

“In November 2019 we consulted on proposals to create a new bus interchange facility at Middleton Circus.  This would relocate some existing bus stops and provide better waiting environment and information provision.  The consultation received both positive and negative feedback, which included a strong proportion of disagreement with the proposals.  A number of concerns were raised, particularly around bus routing and safety and security of the area, therefore, it was decided to no longer progress the interchange proposal.

“Given the importance of the bus to Middleton, it was decided to invest the funding over a wider area by improving the bus waiting facilities and information provision on three key bus routes.  These enhancements include providing new shelters in some locations or replacing existing ones, implementing real time information screens, plus general pedestrian accessibility improvements such as footway widening and resurfacing.”

All 14 bus stops on Belle Isle Road; 13 stops on Middleton Ring Road between Gipsy Lane and Middleton District Centre; and 6 bus stops on Middleton Park Avenue will be upgraded with new bus shelters and real-time information boards. Footway and/or layby improvement works will be carried out to enhance pedestrian facilities.

The road layout at the junction of Middleton Park Avenue and Throstle Road will be reconfigured to amalgamate several bus stops which will improve facilities for passengers and drivers.

In Cottingley, new laybys will be created at seven of the twelve bus stops on the Cottingley Hall estate. Pavements will be widened and new bus shelters will be installed.

You can read the full report by clicking here


4 Replies to “Bus stop improvements for Belle Isle, Middleton and Cottingley”

  1. In my honest opinion bus stops needt9 be made so they can be accessed by wheelchair users.. when theres people in the stops I bogey very wet whe it’s raining

  2. No 74 bus route not mentioned again.
    This is the only service for people living along the ring road in Belle-Isle
    We have progressed from a super tram/trolley bus service, to a giant car park on our doorstep
    Leeds city council showing no regard for the local community again

  3. So chavs can just smashing them? Let’s face it’s all 3 of these areas are infested with them, it’s sad to see at the end of every weekend broken glass everywhere, which will not help. Make them plastic!
    They do need to widen parts of the road on cottingley drive, especially because on Saturdays / Sundays there’s lots of parked cars consuming the road partially at the stop near Dulverton Grove, due to lack of driveways on the estate it’s a nightmare trying to park or when bus’ are coming the other way

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