Will you find yourself a ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ this Autumn?


Poverty busters logo 2We all know the phrase “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” – so why do we continue to fall foul of the many tricks on the high street and internet, that make us believe we are getting a treat?

In a financial climate where every penny counts to most shoppers, it is a more valuable time than ever to ensure you are getting the best deal for you and your circumstances. The first step to achieving this is to allow yourself the time to shop around, and resist the urge to shop when under a tight time deadline, as this will lead to rash and potentially more expensive decisions.

Some examples of potential tricks and treats on the high street include:

“Closing Down Sale” – We’ve all seen the bold banners in the shop window advertising that a shop is closing down:- cue a reaction in you that makes you feel you will miss out on the bargain of the century if you don’t raid their rails there and then. Now this is great if it is a shop you were planning on buying from anyway, or you are organised enough to buy Christmas gifts in advance, but if not you could end up spending money on items you would not have normally purchased that will ultimately sit in your cupboard for evermore – TRICK

Unit Pricing – As food prices go up and the family budget goes down, the weekly food bill should be an area that you can be in control of how much you spend. Supermarkets have gone to great lengths to make pricing clearer, if shoppers take the time to look at the information on the price tag on the shelf. The price label should clearly state the price per kg/litre which will allow you to compare products side by side. Consider whether the larger pack of a product you use regularly is cheaper price per unit as this could save you money in the long run – TREAT

Brand loyalty – If we’re honest there is a bit of a “Mrs Bouquet” in all of us from time to time. We may fear bumping in to our neighbour with a trolley full of supermarket own brand items. However when surveyed following a blind taste test challenge, the majority of West Yorkshire residents could not tell the difference between the products – and quite often preferred the own brand product. Take the time to compare ingredients lists on products, and you will see there is often no or very little difference. So the extra £s you are spending is for a fancy packet! – Trick/Treat?

Councillior Bill Urry, of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee, said:

“Now, more than ever, it is important for people to be savvy with their money and look out for potential pitfalls. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves”

Being a savvy shopper is more important than ever before. Don’t fall for the tricks this Autumn and you may end up being able to afford more treats in the future….

To help communities with issues outlined above and more, West Yorkshire Trading Standards are currently offering FREE Financial Fitness sessions at local venues. The informal interactive sessions cover topics such as Banking & Budgeting, Scams, Energy Best Deal, Consumer Rights and Welfare Reform changes.

For more information or to book FREE Financial Fitness sessions please contact Carli on 0113 393 9806 or email chay@wyjs.org.uk

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