What is going on at Beeston Nisa ?

The Nisa Extra store in Beeston, formerly the Co-op, has been closed for a week. Prior to that it was unable to take card payments, sell lottery tickets and customers reported bare shelves.

There are many rumours and theories in the community and on social media. We have tried to find out the facts and here’s what we know so far.

On Tuesday (13 June 2023) there was a hearing in the High Court in Leeds where Scottish Power applied for a winding up order against Nagarjun Ltd, the company that owns the franchise at Beeston. The case is currently adjourned until Tuesday 27 June.

Nisa told us they couldn’t comment on the matter because of the ongoing litigation. The Co-op Group, who own Nisa, also refused to comment saying it was a matter for Nisa.

Nisa is a franchise company, with each store independently owned and paying for a licence to use the Nisa brand and have access to buy Nisa and Co-op products.

The Co-op sold its Beeston store in September 2021 to Nagarjun Ltd. Staff were transferred to the new owners under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) regulations, but given no option to take redundancy.

Information at Companies House shows that Nagarjun Ltd was set up in September 2021 with two directors Mr Maulikkumar Ashokbhai Patel and Mr Atrey Satishkumar Joshi Aka Sharma. They each had one share in the business, ie 50%.

In January 2023 they changed the registered address of the company from 5 Kenton Park Road Harrow HA3 8UB (Patel’s address) to 49 Town Street Beeston Leeds LS11 8PN (the Nisa store). In March Patel transferred his shareholding to Sharma and ceased to be a director of the company.

There remain unanswered questions about the future of the store and its staff. We will continue to raise those questions and report what we find out.

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15 Replies to “What is going on at Beeston Nisa ?”

  1. I used to use the store when it was a Co-op all the time, it was great. But since the takeover I’ve probably been in twice? It wasn’t great.

    It would be good to open as something else, if Tesco metro or sainsburys local took it over that would be amazing!!!

  2. Good riddance. Expensive prices, dirty shoo and poor service. Always walk past it and make extra journey too Asda. Farmfoods would be ideal in this location.

    1. We’ll unfortunately for the elderly who live nearby that’s there closest place to shop and now have to walk all way to Asda or don’t even bother cause there not able to so lucky for you you can walk to Asda

  3. Absolutely lovely staff members at there at Nisa. Though would prefer Sainsbury or Tesco. Hope they will give some answers to the staff

  4. A farm foods or herons foods in that location would be a huge asset to the community instead of a tesco/morrisons or sainsbury’s most of Beestons residents cannot afford thier prices.

  5. Oh please whoever takes over don’t stop selling the plants and houseplants etc. I used this shop a lot, I preferred it over the other local shops (except Asda) I think a mini Morrisons would do good here but not like the happy shopper Morrisons though because that’s mostly alcohol
    Admittedly the look of Nisa brought the area down in comparison to co-op. But I loved buying the houseplants!

  6. The problem is it’s size. The area needs a local mini-supermarket but I reckon the current store it’s just far too big for that as it simply can’t compete with the Asda up the road. It needs to be more compact (about half the size it currently is) so that someone can run it as a local ‘nip in, nip out’ store for people that don’t want/need a ‘big shop’ or to traipse up the road to the big supermarket.

  7. Hopefully it won’t be long before this store can be reopened by some company- a Iceland store perhaps, awful situation for the staff who haven’t been told what is going to happen and unsure if / when they will get the wages they have worked for

  8. I think Iceland would be a very good choice.
    The population of far Beeston is on the more mature side and need a store that had convenient stock and affordable as well.

  9. I personally feel like this would be an ideal location for an Aldi. The one in Middleton is fantastic and to have something closer by that is such good value would be fabulous. Plus they sell fresh and frozen food too, best of both worlds!

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