Nisa staff at closed store ‘left in the dark’

Following our report yesterday about the court case that has closed the Nisa store in Beeston we have spoken to staff who have told us they have been ‘left in the dark’.

They were given no warning that the store would close and have not been able to get any answers since. A Nisa worker who wished to remain anonymous said:

“We don’t know if we’re getting a wage this month, we don’t know if we’ve still got a job, nobody’s told us anything. We’re in limbo.”

They are getting increasingly worried with rent and bills to pay. They can’t get another job as that would jeopardise any redundancy payment and many of them have long service with the Co-op and Nisa, with one woman having worked there for 36 years.

They say they’ve had limited help from their trade union Usdaw who are waiting for the outcome of the court case.

The staff also feel let down by the Co-op:

“We worked hard through Covid, we got assaulted when we tried to manage the queues, we got spat at, we got abused. We went through all that and then in August 2021 the Area Manager told us all that the shop had been sold and we’d been sold with it. I asked if we could transfer to another store, but he said ‘no you’ve all been sold, its signed sealed and delivered.’

Later they found out they could have been transferred but by then it was too late.

Aidan McCarthy, Usdaw Area Organiser said:

“This is clearly distressing for staff at the Nisa store in Beeston, who deserve better treatment than they have received. At this stage we are endeavouring to find out further information about the situation and seeking legal assistance for our members. In the meantime, we are providing the necessary support and advice at this very difficult time.”


2 Replies to “Nisa staff at closed store ‘left in the dark’”

  1. Been going there for years back to when it was the Co-op. The staff were very good. Always seemed to be facing tough price competition from Asda not far down the road. Aldi would doubtless snap up these staff. Sounds like elec/gas bill unpaid? Doubt worth hoping for redundancy?
    They will be missed if it doesn’t reopen. Morrisons seem to be opening express sized shops, hope if Nisa do not reopen, someone like Morrisons looks at it. Was handy next to the library. Whenever went in there it seemed quiet, not especially surprised it closed, however much a pity. Good luck to the staff. They were especially appreciated during the pandemic.

  2. I went there today to pay tv licence and was shocked or surprised to see it all shut up. I’m not surprised really as since Nisa took it over it has never been the same since. The staff I had so much fun with when it was co- op. Lovely ladies used to work there. Ever since it was taken over their has never been anyone’s in it No shoppers maybe 1 or2

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