We all say goodbye to Jess of The GATE


DSCF1422Well we all finally got to say goodbye to one of the two most popular ladies that run BITMO GATE, Jessica. The other lady is of course, Carla. Jessica is known to all as Jess.

Jessica has worked at BITMO GATE for the last 15 months. Jess tells me, she left university with a degree in Geography and Politics; quickly whilst studying Jess realized this wasn’t going to get her a job and so completed an internship at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing which is where Jess became so interested in community space / housing. Jess’ first job after leaving University was as a research analyst; looking into the social impact of community activities and initiatives on service users.

“However when looking at these community spaces thought I don’t want to be just completing research on these spaces I want to be working in them and so I was so excited when I saw the vacancy at BITMO.”

Jess is going on a South American adventure, more of that later. Jess has produced some of the most amazing leaflets, posters for the gate. I’m sure if Jess had not produced these colorful promotion materials along with Carla, the centre would not have been half as popular. Jess did many other things like running the HUGO bus learning people how to use computers, fill in CVs and run the once a week iPad clinic.

Jess would turn her hand to do almost anything. Making drinks, toast and soup. Jess tells me her second day at The GATE, Carla gave her the task of cooking pancakes. Well Pancake Day came around again and I’m not sure her skills have improved. Lol. Jess did manage to get help though this time.DSCF1417

On her last day at The GATE we had a party. All the office staff plus all the BITMO friends Jess has helped over the last 15 months was out in force. Jess received many presents and a special one came from Aidan (Julie & Chris’s son). Music was provided by Jonathon Chapman on the console, with a slide show of Jess many photos on the big screen. You can see more photos of Jess party, slideshow at the top of this blog.

I asked Jess, will you join BITMO GATE when you arrive back from your venture if offered your job back? Jess answered. I’m not sure a job would be available. If there was a job available back in the GATE I would 100% look into it.

After a few hours left the party and Jess gave me a big hug. Got her e-mail address and Jess got mine. If able, Jess is going to e-mail me when she can and let me know how her journey is going. Will hopefully put into a blog so you all can see about Jess amazing journey.

JESSFirst leg of Jess’s South American adventure is Belize, then Guatemala, San Pe Susa and La Caiba. These are just a few of Jess places to visit, 9 in all. Jess told me this is only part of the journey. Well Jess keep safe. Look forward to seeing you when back in our country.

Please leave your good wishes to Jess, in comments at the bottom of this blog. Thank You.

Bon voyage Jess.

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  1. Brilliant blog as always Ken. Good luck to Jess on her travels and will see her soon back at the GATE

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