Waiting the day away

Today on the community reporters course we’re learning about social media.

Been sitting here for a while contemplating this article…

Actually, with so many of us on the computers I saw something I’ve not seen in a while.

The green bar at the bottom of the screen telling me a page is loading up.

It’s made me think (while I wait for the Pinterest page to load) what else don’t we see anymore…

The choke button on cars – went to start the work car the other day and realised how now-a-days I expect it to start first time after sitting still for days.

Paper dolls – Oh Bunty for girls, I do miss you.

Kipper Ties (although my dad still has a couple)

Playing with the telephone cord while on the phone.

Crying child paintings and stories of houses catching fire.

Oh the good old days.

Am starting to sound old, but I like looking back. It makes me appreciate the super fast fibre optic internet world I live in and makes me regret some of the slower, more fun times.

Anyway, page loaded now.

Would be nice to know what others miss/don’t miss


This article was written by Joy Pocock using our Community Reporters website

4 Replies to “Waiting the day away”

  1. I miss Sunday afternoons when nothing was open so you had permission to do nothing, relax and rest.

    I miss football matches all being played at 3pm on Saturdays, even the FA Cup Final!

  2. My mum and dad. My children being little. All the lovely animals I have owned over the years. My flat stomach.

  3. I miss my dogs when I lived in Middleton.
    Taking them into the park, which my home then overlooked Middleton Park, so not far to walk.
    Down a foot path one side was park, other side was golf course. Those were the days.

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