Vigil will mark anniversary of George Floyd murder

Anti-racist protesters will ‘take the knee’ at a vigil in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston tomorrow at 6pm (25 May 2021) on the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Policeman Derek Chauvin.

The death of George Floyd reinvigorated the Black Lives Matter campaign and saw demonstrations around the world.

The vigil has been organised by Leeds Stand Up To Racism and a spokesperson explained:

“Stand Up To Racism has called a week of action across Britain to commemorate George Floyd’s death one year on, and in the spirit of the #BlacklivesMatter movement.

“This is to both offer solidarity with the BLM movement in the US and highlight the reality of institutional racism and disproportionate policing in Britain.

“Derek Chauvin may have been prosecuted but that only happened because of the BLM movement. In Britain, no police officer has ever been prosecuted following a death in custody.

“Local people will meeting up in Cross Flatts Park at 6pm behind the Watsonian building, in a socially distanced way, to Take the Knee in remembrance and to say that we will never forget and will continue to Stand up to Racism wherever it rears its ugly head.

“Please come and join us!”


Photo: Vigil in Cross Flatts Park in June 2020