Thousands of residents across South Leeds can now access fast, reliable full fibre broadband with CityFibre: are you one of them?

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At CityFibre, we’ve been laying the technology to enable broadband providers like TalkTalk, Vodafone and many others to deliver a new type of next-generation broadband package.

We’re pleased to say this is now available in parts of Leeds, with plans to reach nearly every home and business soon.

What we’re building across the city is known as a full fibre network. Quite simply, it’s the best digital communications technology available. It not only paves the way for significantly faster speeds, but it’s also more reliable than traditional networks, and will serve your broadband needs for decades to come.

No more slowdown at peak times, lag when gaming, dropping off Skype calls, or simply not getting the speeds you were expecting. With full fibre, you get exactly what you paid for.

Think you already have full fibre broadband? Don’t be too sure …

While many of us have ‘fibre broadband’ today, more often than not, this is very different from ‘full fibre’. The chances are there’s copper in the connection slowing things down (top tip – if your router connects to a normal telephone socket, then that’s what you’ve got). Currently, 28% of UK premises have access to the real deal.

A true full fibre connection, on the other hand, takes 100% fibre optic technology all the way from the home to the point of connection and that’s why it’s so fast and reliable. Already, hundreds of homes across South Leeds are making the most of a full fibre connection, with services now live and available in parts of Beeston, Belle Isle, Holbeck, Hunslet, and Morley.

With more new addresses going live day by day as our work to extend the network progresses at pace through the city, here’s what you can expect from a full fibre connection:

• Increased efficiency: significantly faster speeds for both upload and download. This means you can access what you want in the blink of an eye – waiting for files to download or videos to finish buffering will be a thing of the past.

• No more competing priorities: near limitless bandwidth means everyone in your house can work, study, stream or game online simultaneously without a challenge.

• Connectivity you can depend on: we’re constantly monitoring our networks, so problems are often detected and fixed before you even notice!

• Futureproofed for growing demand: once the fibre is in the ground, it’s there for good and maintenance work is drastically reduced. We plan twice, build once and build right.

The power is in your hands

Sounds good, right? Luckily you may already be able to access full fibre without even knowing it!

Of course, if you don’t ask you don’t get, but, fortunately, getting onto the network is easy.

The first step is to visit, where you can enter your postcode to:

  • Find out if you’re already able to access the network
  • See which broadband service providers are available locally
  • Register your interest in a service if you’re postcode isn’t live yet

If your address is live, then all you need to do is select your preferred broadband provider and choose the package you’d like (ensuring it’s a full fibre-enabled service). To give you a few ideas, packages such as Vodafone’s Gigafast service and TalkTalk’s Future Fibre are delivered over a CityFibre connection.

We look forward to welcoming you to our network!


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