The Big Bike Fix – can you help?

This summer sees the launch of a new project in south Leeds, called the Big Bike Fix.

It’s for people to hold small events in their neighbourhoods, to work together to fix up one another’s bicycles. Is this something you’d like to see happen where you are?

The idea is that loads of us have bikes that need simple fixes: punctures to patch, brakes to tighten, handlebars or seats to tighten, chains to oil, and so on. A fairly wide range of regular people can do these fixes, without super powers or specialist tools.

If it works, the project will see a series of simple events happening this summer across LS10 and LS11 – in public spaces like parks and streets, or maybe hosted by local organisations or clubs. After some simple neighbourhood advertising (like posters and social media), local volunteers will turn up on a given day, with basic tools, and help fix up the bikes of anyone who comes. Drinks, snacks or cakes might also be offer, or other extras, if locals make it happen.

Local resident and campaigner Ed Carlisle, who is helping to coordinate the scheme, commented:

“Cycling’s a great way to save money, get healthy, and have a laugh – but loads of us have old bikes that need some TLC. However, the good news is that most fixes aren’t difficult – and, as we’ve seen with projects like the Repair Cafe, some people love fixing stuff! This is an experiment, it will depend on people making it happen where they are – but it needn’t be complicated, and it could be amazing”.

For more info, find ‘The Big Bike Fix – South Leeds’ on Facebook, or call 07738 921277.

The coordinators will aim to link up people to work together on these mini events – and offer whatever advice and support they need.

Modest amounts of cash are available if need be, but participants can also contribute by printing posters, baking cakes or bringing drinks, donating spare bike parts, and more. If the project is a success, the organisers hope to repeat and expand it in future years.


Photo: “DSC_0285_22739”by njbikeped is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0