Tell Slung Low your Holbeck story

This month we’re excited to announce that we will be running a story project across Holbeck.

We’ll be collecting stories from as many people who know the area as we can. The project is called Once Upon A Time In Holbeck and it will be running from now until the end of the year.

What’s your best Holbeck story?

CEG and Slung Low have teamed up to collect all the stories about Holbeck that we can. We want to celebrate the rich, varied and unexpected history of this area that we all love. We want to hear your stories of Holbeck – stories of times long gone, stories that your nanna told you, stories that you heard in the pub or stories of things that have happened to you. Stories of extraordinary individuals, glorious achievements, spectacular failures, tragic tales and farcical ones too.

What happens with your story?

We’ll be sharing the stories far and wide and using them to make a story tour of the whole area so you should feel comfortable contributing before you share them. Please include any supporting photographs you have that you are happy for us to reproduce.

There’ll be a special event on 15 January 2020 to celebrate all the entries and Holbeck generally, and to award prizes to the stories that really stood out. If you submit a story we’ll be in touch to invite you to the event.

How to share your story

To submit your story, or to ask any questions about the project, email us using You can type it out, do a voice recording, write it by hand and send us an image, or however works best for you.

You can also drop into The Holbeck on Jenkinson Lawn, which will be where we are collecting the stories and talk to a member of the Slung Low team. We’d love to hear your story aloud and can always jot it down for you.


This post was written by Sally Proctor

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