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Active Communities offers games, food and friendship

Hunslet Rugby Foundation’s latest project is called Active Communities and all about getting people and families together, sharing some food and playing some games. The project runs at the Welcome Centre at St John & St Barnabas Church in Belle Isle on Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Foundation General Manager

Free physical activities for older people

Holbeck Elderly Aid (HEA) have partnered with social enterprise Sportworks to bring free physical activities to older people in South Leeds. Physical activity has proven health benefits including fighting the effects of depression and dementia. It’s also a great way to get out of the house and meet some new

How do we get more physically active in South Leeds?

Members of the South Leeds community are invited to join the conversation around physical inactivity in the area at the latest Community Committee workshop. The conversation takes place at the South Leeds Stadium (part of the John Charles Centre for Sport) on Wednesday 15 February 2017. Part of this discussion