How do we get more physically active in South Leeds?

Members of the South Leeds community are invited to join the conversation around physical inactivity in the area at the latest Community Committee workshop.

This Girl Can Ride. Women’s cycling group at Middleton Cycle Hub.

The conversation takes place at the South Leeds Stadium (part of the John Charles Centre for Sport) on Wednesday 15 February 2017. Part of this discussion will include examples of good news stories from the likes of Bumps and Babes, South Leeds Lakers and Cycle Pathways.

The focus of the chat will be to look at barriers that stop people being physically active and how we can collectively change this. During the chat we will discuss what is currently working well and attempt to understand why this is the case. Further from this we will look to explore opportunities to work together to make South Leeds more active.

During the get together you will have a chance to share your feelings and ideas which will begin to help form a plan of action. Bring your general knowledge caps as the evening will be starting with a fun quiz.

Sandwiches and refreshments will be served from 5pm while you grab a drink and a bite to eat over a game of ping pong!

Following the workshop conversation, there will be a formal meeting of the Inner South Community Committee. The committee is made up of our nine ward Councillors and will be considering NHS health plans as well as approving grants from the wellbeing budget.

The meeting is open to the public and includes an Open Forum where residents can raise any issue or question with Councillors.

You can find the full agenda and papers on the Leeds City Council website here.


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  1. I get my exercise by walking the dog most mornings from Dewsbury Road up to the Clearings and around the Academy and then home, 2.5 to 5 miles at 3mph. The only problem I find and others have mentioned is the amount of litter. The amount of filth puts people of from what could be a good walk, the rubbish around the academy is particularly bad. If we could make where we exercise more attractive then maybe more people would be attracted to the area to exercise.

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