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Hilary Benn – Part Two

  We had a really good Big Conversation event at the St Matthew’s Community Centre in Holbeck last Friday. This is the second in a series of Big Conversations that I am holding around my constituency with our ward councillors. It works on a very simple basis. We invite local

Hilary Benn writes for South Leeds Life

  South Leeds Life is pleased to tell you that Hilary Benn, MP, has agreed to write a monthly article for us – here’s part one of the first one! Apparently, 8 million people have so far viewed Jeremy Paxman’s interview with Russell Brand on You Tube. I was both intrigued

South of the River – Paying for healthcare

  The National Health Service is being privatised before our eyes. The latest idea is that we should pay to visit our GP. The free-at-the-point-of-delivery principle of the NHS has been compromised for decades – prescriptions charges, opticians and dental charges, but encouraging patients not to see their GP sounds