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Leeds pledges to beat Islamophobia

Leeds City Council and partners across the city are joining together to protect people in Leeds from experiencing Islamophobia. Councillor Debra Coupar has signed a pledge of intention on behalf of the Leeds Hate Crime Strategic Board to increase understanding of the negative attitudes many Muslims face. Launching during Islamophobia

Launch of Muslim Community Safety Forum anti-Muslim Hate Crime Report

The Muslim Community Safety Forum (MCSF) released its long awaited report following a conference held last November at Beeston’s Hamara Centre, together with detailed important information relevant to the work of MCSF across West Yorkshire, and the need for the police, local authorities and third party reporting centres to work

Hamara Centre hosts Islamophobia debate

  Young people who no longer use the name Mohammed in their job applications and don’t refer to Beeston in their address. Women being verbally abused and having their hijabs (headscarves) pulled off in the street. These were the real examples of Islamophobia today in South Leeds that Hanif Malik,

South of the River – Islamaphobia again

  The 7/7 bombers caused terrible death and destruction, but in some ways they did Beeston a favour. In the aftermath of the bombings most people locally came together to refute the allegation that the bombers somehow represented Beeston, or that Beeston was an “Islamic slum” as one of the

South of the River – Tommy Robinson and Islamaphobia

  What to make of Tommy Robinson’s move to leave the English Defence League (EDL) this week? The EDL, for those who haven’t been paying attention, are at the sharp end of Islamaphobia in this country. They organise street protests where their thugs descend on a town or city (it’s

Hamara seeks ambassadors to help combat Islamophobia

Hamara Healthy Living Centre, the Beeston-based community organisation, is recruiting ambassadors as part of its Building Bridges project. Building Bridges is one of twelve projects funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which aim to combat Islamophobia across West Yorkshire. “We are looking for up to 20 inspiring and ambitious ‘Ambassadors’,