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Culture Week across Cockburn secondary schools

The Cockburn Multi-academy Trust secondary schools in south Leeds recently transformed into a melting pot of cultural diversity as students and staff came together to celebrate Culture Week. The event showcased a rich tapestry of traditions, customs, and arts from around the globe, reflecting the commitment to embracing multiculturalism and

Cockburn Multi-academy Trust’s commitment to staff wellbeing

For all schools and academies in the Cockburn Multi-academy Trust, supporting students to have good mental health and resilience is vital, particularly in the current economic and Covid climate. In addition to providing support from all staff, they have employed early intervention therapeutic workers and also have two members of

Major investments in the education of children in South Leeds

Cockburn Multi-Academy Trust, in partnership with Leeds City Council and the Department for Education has building work across three different sites in south Leeds. At Cockburn School, the new three-story classroom block is nearing completion and will be ready to invite students into some exciting Science and Humanities lessons during