Major investments in the education of children in South Leeds

Cockburn Multi-Academy Trust, in partnership with Leeds City Council and the Department for Education has building work across three different sites in south Leeds.

At Cockburn School, the new three-story classroom block is nearing completion and will be ready to invite students into some exciting Science and Humanities lessons during the new half term. The impressive, modern building has taken shape over recent weeks and will meet the needs of the additional students that started at Cockburn School in September addressing the previous shortfall of places that we reported earlier in the year.

Once the new classroom block opens its doors to lessons, a nearby area will be made into a permanent car park that will mean that an additional 47 staff cars would park on the school site rather than on Gipsy Lane. This will have such a positive impact upon reducing the amount of traffic parking on the road and make it safer for residents and students from the school.

Meanwhile, students at Cockburn John Charles Academy will soon benefit from a vastly improved dining space as building work on extending the current provision has recently started. The extension is necessary due to the increased popularity of the academy within the local community as a first-choice option when selecting a secondary school, which has led to the academy becoming over-subscribed in all new years of entry. The new dining block will provide space in a modern, open plan environment which will accommodate all students to comfortably dine in the academy at the same time, along with new toilet facilities. The building work is progressing at a rapid pace and is due to be completed and open to students at the end of March 2021.

Finally, the newest member of the Cockburn MAT community has exciting plans for its opening in September 2021. Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy, named after former Cockburn student awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery in WW1, will be sited off the Ring Road, Middleton, Leeds.

The Phase 1 opening date is September 2021 with Phase 2 of the school building planned for September 2022. Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy will have an admission number of 210 per year group and the full capacity of the school will be 1050 students. The first cohort of Year 7 students will be the founding members of the academy, creating a real family feel.

The Phase 1 building will be a state-of-the-art modern school building pictured above.

Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy has a new website and promotional video which can be found at


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  1. More green space taken away in middleton none left at this end of middleton. How do you think the roads are going to cope it bad enough now throstle road which up until a year ago was a dead endwill be used as a cut through all the asda traffic and the new builds on throstle recreation ground why dont they build houses where the councillors live build a high school in holbeck there arent any there since they pulled matthew murray down its a joke the amount of green space the councillors are taking from the far end of middleton acre road had a small green they built houses on there sold off land at the top of the golf course houses built on there when they could have used that land for extra care homes using covid as an excuse for no public meetings NIMBYS

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