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Working from home? With full fibre we could all enjoy a more flexible future…

Over these past weeks, many of us will have adopted entirely new ways of doing everyday activities, such as attending meetings, completing coursework, joining exercise classes and catching up with friends and family. Likewise, many of us will have realised that all these activities now have one thing in common:

Partial victory for South Leeds residents over broadband speeds

  Residents in Middleton have been connected to fibre optic broadband following a successful campaign backed by local Councillors and local MP Hilary Benn. Councillors Kim Groves and Paul Truswell (Labour, Middleton Park) visited the New Forest Village estate in Middleton to see the ‘switch on’ of two new superfast

Middleton’s Big Conversation with Hilary Benn MP

  Residents in Middleton took the opportunity to join a Big Conversation with Hilary Benn MP on Friday (29 November 2013). There was a lot of criticism for BT and their poor performance in providing fast broadband internet access to the area. After much lobbying by residents, Councillors and the